Taking Your Running Stroller Off The Beaten Path


We are a family that has been using jogging strollers for many years. Here on the farm we have carved out several paths on the back of the property that we love to explore as a family. This is not all that smooth of terrain and there has been a few strollers that were not up to the task of going off road. They would either end up breaking down or they simply would not provide a comfortable ride going over bumps and different elevations. We thought that we would help others that like to go off the beaten path with their kids and provide a list of some of the better suited running strollers for those who like to get off the concrete and get onto the dirt.

What To Look For In A Stroller For Trails

There are a few features that your jogger should have to help withstand the wear and tear of hiking trails that may offer an uneven path. Some of these include;

Proper Tires

Having tires that you can fill with air can give you the extra cushion you need to traverse rocky terrain. This will also help ensure a smoother ride for your passenger.


Just like in cars, having an independent suspension that can absorb bumps, rocks, and gravel can keep the jarring forces away from your child. You want them to have fun and enjoy themselves as you are exploring the wilderness, and the proper suspension is a key part of their happiness. Getting a stroller with this feature is extremely vital to keeping them safe and comfortable.


Stick with brand names known for their sturdy construction. You will also want something that is lightweight as you may have to push them up an incline and want to stay in control in loose soil. We will give you some suitable options that will fit the bill now.

Joggers Geared To Going Off Road

Luckily there are several terrific options for parents looking for well built jogging strollers that can handle the punishment of uneven terrain. According to marathon-training.net, BOB strollers are the best rated joggers for just this activity. They have all of the important features listed above and they are highly rated by active parents for their rugged design.

BOB Revolution SE

This is the stroller that truly has made a name for itself and it put BOB on the map. This model has been around for several years and it continues to be one of the best joggers on the market.

  • Air Filled Tires – One look at the tires on this stroller and you can tell that it is made for trails. It provides both cushion and grip that make it perfect for going off the beaten path.
  • Independent suspension – This will give your child a more comfortable ride as you traverse the most demanding of paths.
  • Construction – The durable lightweight frame is built to stand up to everyday use and it has proven to be quite impressive for our family over the years. This is one jogger that we have gotten a ton of use from and it still is in great shape.

BOB Revolution Flex

This is extremely similar to the SE but it has one feature that is great for parents of varying heights.

  • Adjustable Handlebar – If Mom is short and Dad is tall then having a stroller that can fit both parents is a huge advantage. The handlebar on the Flex has different positions that can be used to accommodate both parents. It is important for the runner to be comfortable and not be reaching too low or too high while using the stroller. This will reduce strain, risk of injury, and make the jogger more enjoyable to push around.

Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller

Just like its name implies, this running stroller is constructed to tackle the toughest paths.

  • Large wheels – This jogger comes with big air filled tires that provide excellent traction and cushion to get over small rocks and debris. This helps produce a smoother and safer ride that your child will thank you for.
  • Adjustable handlebar – Like the BOB Flex, the handlebars on this stroller can be customized to the right height to give the runner a better fit.
  • Built Like A Tank – This model can also stand up to the extreme wear and tear that we have thrown its way. It is light enough to be easy to handle, but strong enough to endure countless uphill and downhill runs. This is an expensive jogging stroller, but our investment has stood the test of time and has more than paid for itself over the years.

Safety First

If you love to go on hiking trails with your family and wish to take your small children with you safety should always be the most important concern. While there are some general safety practices for using a stroller, runners need to take extra precautions. Having a large canopy, making sure the trail is wide enough for a stroller, and always staying within your limits will go a long way to ensure that everyone survives your jaunt unscathed. This should be a fun activity, and having the right equipment can go a long way to help everyone enjoy it together.

We Went Car Seat Shopping For Our Granddaughter

Shopping for a convertible car seat

My son and our daughter-in-law are expecting in about a month and we could not be more excited. Of course, as doting grandparents we plan on spoiling our first grandchild in every way possible. We also know how tight money is when you are having a child so we are thrilled to help out when we can. A car seat is our first effort to help share some of the burden with them, especially since this is can be one pricey but necessary piece of equipment. When we started shopping for a child safety seat we did not realize just how many options are available or how many different types of car seats there were to choose from. It was a bit of an education for us, so we thought we would share some of what we learned.

Thankfully we could find all of the information that we needed online, which was a much different experience than we had our first child back in the day. We found a lot of helpful parenting sites that let us understand which kind of seat would be best for our needs. Once we decided on the type of seat we wanted we could then go shopping with the knowledge to make a good choice.

Various Kinds of Car Seats

Since it had been decades since we had the need to use a car seat we just didn’t realize how far they have come. This was our first hurdle, but it was nothing major.

Infant Seats

This is just as the name implies. Infant car seats are designed for newborns and they come with the proper support for the head and neck region. This is important because young babies are not developed enough in that area of their bodies to support the weight of their own heads. This type of car seat has a very short shelf life, usually 18 months to 24 months max since their weight limit is usually around the 35 lbs mark.


Easy to carry – Most infant seats come with a handle so that you can easily remove your child from the car or carry them back and forth with ease. They are a lot lighter in weight than convertible car seats which makes it easier to transport your child.

Stroller Compatibility – A lot of today’s infant seats are compatible with different strollers. This will enable you to simply lift the seat and snap it into the stroller. This added convenience is a huge plus for parents that love to use strollers.


Short Time of Use – Since these types of seats are specifically designed for small children you will end up having to buy a convertible seat eventually when they quickly outgrow it. This means an extra added cost somewhere in the near future.

Convertible Car Seats

These are very popular options for parents since it can be used for a longer period of time, even with newborns.


More Economical – You only have to buy one seat for the first few years of your young one’s life. They are recommended for children from 5 to 65 lbs. Once they outgrow them you will probably have to get a booster seat, but that is further down the road.

Multiple Facing Positions – They are called convertible because they can be used in rear-facing mode for small children and forward-facing for larger kids. Great flexibility, especially if you have more than one child of varying ages.


Weight – These safety seats are going to a lot heavier and harder to move in and out of the car than an infant seat. It can be quite a workout if you want to switch between different vehicles and some parents just end up getting multiple seats to avoid this, one for each car.

Stroller Compatibility – What is a plus for infant seats is a negative for convertible seats. You cannot easily lift these with a handle and they will not snap into strollers like infant seats.

Booster Car Seats

This is the final type of seat that you need and is a transition piece of equipment. Once your child outgrows their convertible car seat they probably won’t be tall enough to use your vehicles standard seat belt right away. Using a booster seat ensures that the seat belt fits over their body properly so that it won’t cause injury by riding too high in case of an accident. This is also a very important piece of safety equipment you should be prepared to purchase when the time comes.

We Went The Convertible Route

After speaking with our daughter-in-law we decided to go with a convertible car seat. She said she wasn’t sure how if she would get any use out of the stroller advantages of an infant seat and thought just using one seat was a better option. Once we heard that we could then find something that both parents and their precious child would enjoy using. This is where we could really hone in and find something that was the perfect fit for them. This part was actually fun, since all of our education was almost complete. We used Momma Trauma Blog car seat reviews to narrow down our options and we found a convertible child seat we feel our little granddaughter will love riding in all while being protected from something unfortunate happening.

Having a child is an expensive and nerve racking experience for the entire family. This is why we are so blessed to be in our position to help out when we can. We started by purchasing a convertible safety seat for our granddaughter, but rest assured this is just the first step in our quest to spoil her.