Taking Your Running Stroller Off The Beaten Path


We are a family that has been using jogging strollers for many years. Here on the farm we have carved out several paths on the back of the property that we love to explore as a family. This is not all that smooth of terrain and there has been a few strollers that were not up to the task of going off road. They would either end up breaking down or they simply would not provide a comfortable ride going over bumps and different elevations. We thought that we would help others that like to go off the beaten path with their kids and provide a list of some of the better suited running strollers for those who like to get off the concrete and get onto the dirt.

What To Look For In A Stroller For Trails

There are a few features that your jogger should have to help withstand the wear and tear of hiking trails that may offer an uneven path. Some of these include;

Proper Tires

Having tires that you can fill with air can give you the extra cushion you need to traverse rocky terrain. This will also help ensure a smoother ride for your passenger.


Just like in cars, having an independent suspension that can absorb bumps, rocks, and gravel can keep the jarring forces away from your child. You want them to have fun and enjoy themselves as you are exploring the wilderness, and the proper suspension is a key part of their happiness. Getting a stroller with this feature is extremely vital to keeping them safe and comfortable.


Stick with brand names known for their sturdy construction. You will also want something that is lightweight as you may have to push them up an incline and want to stay in control in loose soil. We will give you some suitable options that will fit the bill now.

Joggers Geared To Going Off Road

Luckily there are several terrific options for parents looking for well built jogging strollers that can handle the punishment of uneven terrain. According to marathon-training.net, BOB strollers are the best rated joggers for just this activity. They have all of the important features listed above and they are highly rated by active parents for their rugged design.

BOB Revolution SE

This is the stroller that truly has made a name for itself and it put BOB on the map. This model has been around for several years and it continues to be one of the best joggers on the market.

  • Air Filled Tires – One look at the tires on this stroller and you can tell that it is made for trails. It provides both cushion and grip that make it perfect for going off the beaten path.
  • Independent suspension – This will give your child a more comfortable ride as you traverse the most demanding of paths.
  • Construction – The durable lightweight frame is built to stand up to everyday use and it has proven to be quite impressive for our family over the years. This is one jogger that we have gotten a ton of use from and it still is in great shape.

BOB Revolution Flex

This is extremely similar to the SE but it has one feature that is great for parents of varying heights.

  • Adjustable Handlebar – If Mom is short and Dad is tall then having a stroller that can fit both parents is a huge advantage. The handlebar on the Flex has different positions that can be used to accommodate both parents. It is important for the runner to be comfortable and not be reaching too low or too high while using the stroller. This will reduce strain, risk of injury, and make the jogger more enjoyable to push around.

Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller

Just like its name implies, this running stroller is constructed to tackle the toughest paths.

  • Large wheels – This jogger comes with big air filled tires that provide excellent traction and cushion to get over small rocks and debris. This helps produce a smoother and safer ride that your child will thank you for.
  • Adjustable handlebar – Like the BOB Flex, the handlebars on this stroller can be customized to the right height to give the runner a better fit.
  • Built Like A Tank – This model can also stand up to the extreme wear and tear that we have thrown its way. It is light enough to be easy to handle, but strong enough to endure countless uphill and downhill runs. This is an expensive jogging stroller, but our investment has stood the test of time and has more than paid for itself over the years.

Safety First

If you love to go on hiking trails with your family and wish to take your small children with you safety should always be the most important concern. While there are some general safety practices for using a stroller, runners need to take extra precautions. Having a large canopy, making sure the trail is wide enough for a stroller, and always staying within your limits will go a long way to ensure that everyone survives your jaunt unscathed. This should be a fun activity, and having the right equipment can go a long way to help everyone enjoy it together.

7 Health Benefits Of Blueberries

Benefits of Blueberries

Although most edible berries are known to have some nutritional value, blueberries are outstandingly healthful. Whether you grow them on a farm, your backyard, or you pick them up at your local market, blueberries can have tremendous health benefits if they are a regular part of your diet.

1. Combat Aging

Blueberries contain useful antioxidants. These antioxidants delay the aging process by reversing the cell damage caused by free radicals and toxins. A body that is free of toxins and free radicals can effectively defend itself against pathogens. Apart from antioxidants, the berries also contain proanthocyanidins which have great anti-aging properties. Those awfully expensive anti-aging creams on TV commercials are nothing compared to blueberries!

2. Boost the Brain

Blueberries contain gallic acid which has many neuro-protective agents. According a research conducted by an Iranian team of medical experts, these properties prevent brain degeneration, oxidative stress, and neurotoxicity. The study is further corroborated by the fact that other foods that have high amounts of gallic acid have been linked to enhanced brain power. Such foods include cashews, plums, green tea, and blackberries. Scientists also believe that the antioxidants in blueberries reduce inflammation and oxidative stress leading to slowed cognitive decline. Parents should therefore include these fruits in their children’s diet as a way of boosting their mental growth.

3. Fight Cancer

Further, credible clinical studies have found that blueberries help fight cancer. This is because blueberries have a wide range of anti-cancer antioxidants that restore malignant cells. The same studies found that women who consumed blueberries had lower predisposition to cancer. This gives everyone a reason to eat blueberries or their products regularly.

4. Support Digestion

Since blueberries contain both soluble and insoluble fiber, they can help regulate the gastrointestinal tract if regularly consumed. They also boost the proliferation of useful bacteria while deterring that of harmful ones. With the presence of good bacteria in the colon, digestion effectively happens. Proper digestion reduces chances of constipation, indigestion, among other common digestive disorders. As such, you should consider eating blueberries if your stomach experiences problems after eating certain foods – especially those that have a natural resistance to certain foods.

5. Promote Heart Health

Statistics show that most deaths are caused by heart attack. Therefore, the findings that blueberries promote heart health ought to be great news to many people out there. Several medical studies have concluded that regular consumption of both blueberries and strawberries reduced one’s chances of heart attack by about 33%. The research was done on 93,000 women aged between 25 and 42 years. The most striking aspect of this study is that the same benefits were not observed in other type of foods rich in antioxidants. Blueberries also lower blood cholesterol naturally, effectively reducing the possibility of congested vessels.

6. Healthier Skin

With so many false cosmetic joining the already crowded market every other week, the fact that blueberries can naturally rejuvenate the skin should give you a reason to smile. You now do not need to waste your hard-earned money on non-working concoctions that are being peddled by money-minded hucksters. You just need to eat ample amounts of blueberries regularly. Blueberries contain a substance called resveratrol. The substance contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals that naturally prevents acne by restoring the body’s normal hormone balance. As such, blueberries make for an effective home remedy for acne and other skin-related health problems. Resveratrol also improves your vision and treats macular degeneration. Resveratrol is known to both prevent and cure nearly all skin complications caused by hormonal imbalance.

7. Aid Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the most talked about health topics of the 21st century. However, most people still have weight gain issues despite the widespread information about how to combat the problem. If you are among the many people who have tried every weight loss method without success, then you should try blueberries. Blueberries are some of the low glycemic foods that stay in the digestive tract for a long time. This is because such foods take a bit longer to be absorbed into the body. These foods make one feel full for a long time, naturally precluding the need to eat often. They control appetite and postpone hunger cues.

Whether you eat them or you juice your blueberries, adding this little powerhouse of a fruit can have an amazing positive impact on your overall health.