Best Brand Name Food Processors Of 2016

Food processor ratings and reviews

Back when the first food processor was introduced to the American market in the 1970’s there was only one brand.  Cuisinart revolutionized the food preparation market for the home and cooking has never been the same.  Fast forward to present day, and there are several brand names that are worthy contenders when it comes to shopping for one of these small kitchen appliances.  Depending on your budget, cooking needs, and your style preferences, there is something out there that is perfect for your countertop.  We will break down some of the best food processors available today to let you know which brands are worth considering adding to your cooking arsenal.

Food Processor Advantages

No one likes to spend more time doing something than they absolutely have to, and this is the main appeal of owning a food processor.  You no longer will have to sit there over a cutting board slowly trying to get the perfect dice or slice with a knife.  If your knife skills are a little bit shaky as well, then the fear of cutting yourself will also be gone.  One of the main reasons that a lot of working people avoid making home cooked meals is the work that is involved.  Having the right tools can drastically reduce the time needed to prepare great tasting food, which is why one of these machines should be somewhere in your kitchen.

Top Rated Brands

Getting an appliance with a quality reputation and track record is always the safest play.  Here we offer some of the top names with the highest customer ratings to help you find a food processor that you will be satisfied with.


Like we stated earlier, Cuisinart practically invented the food processor, and their machines are still some of the most popular models on the market today.  They have a wide range of models for just about every budget.  Whether you need a small capacity, quick chopper, or you need something for large recipes, they have a machine for you.  Their powerful motors, stainless steel blades, and reliable performance are what helps set them apart from others in their class.  This is the brand that we safely recommend the most as you cannot go wrong getting a Cuisinart.


They only make one food processor, but they do it extremely well.  Breville has a reputation for modern and high performing kitchen appliances and their BFP800XL Sous Chef is one of the best that we have used.  It is easy to use, very powerful, and it has exceptional cutting discs.  This comes with a much higher price point, but it is worth every penny as this is a true joy to operate and it really stands out on the counter.  If  you are one of those people, like me, who must have the latest and greatest modern equipment, then anything made by Breville is a must have for the kitchen.


This is another dependable brand that makes some really simple but reliable food processors.  They are not too expensive and should appeal to a greater mass audience of amateur chefs.  Simple controls make this a great choice for anyone who just wants to get the job done without a lot of hassle.  They also have bright color options for those who like their appliances to have a little eye candy appeal.  We love using anything made by KitchenAid, including their food processing machines.

Hamilton Beach

They make some of the top rated budget food processors and we are amazed at how well they perform for their low price.  If you want to try out using a food processor in the kitchen for the first time and you do not want to spend a lot of money, this is the brand for you.  Exceptional value for the money.

Reputation For Quality

Some of the brands above have food processor that we have used, and some just have an excellent reputation and very high customer scores that give us confidence in recommending them.  No matter if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, or you just cook occasionally, having one of these around is going to save you a lot of work.  Anyone of the food processors made by the companies above should really make things easier for you and perhaps change your outlook on cooking home made meals in general.  Treat yourself to something who’s job is to make your life simpler and cook better food.  You deserve it.




Breville Toaster Ovens Are Perfect For Cooking What You Grow


One of the best parts of growing your own food is when all of that hard work ends up on your dinner plate.  Cooking can be rewarding too, but often times it involves a lot of unwanted work and can be time consuming.  We are always looking for better ways to save both time and money and for our family that came in the form of a toaster oven.  These are not just toasters, but they are full featured small cooking ovens that fit nicely on your countertop.  We love using ours so much that we decided to write a brief review of some of our favorites.

Over the last few years Breville has built a reputation for creating some of the best performing small kitchen appliances that you can buy.  Their juicers, food processors, blenders, bread makers, and mixers are all some of the most wished for machines by amateur chefs around the world.  Well, you can also add their toaster ovens to this list.  One aspect that is common among Breville appliances is their modern design and the technology they incorporate into all of their machines to make them a step ahead of the competition.  If you are looking for the sleekest toaster oven for your countertop then getting one of their “Smart” ovens is your best bet.

But what makes their toaster ovens so good?  Well, based on our personal experience with one of their models and our search for the top Breville smart oven reviews currently available, we have come up with a quick rundown of all three of their oven options.  Any one of these would be an excellent choice to make fast and simple dishes with the ingredients that you love to grow.

Breville BOV800XL

This is their top rated model and their most popular oven.  It also happens to be the one we own and use a few times a week and we love it.  It is roomy with enough room for 6 pieces of bread if you are into toast.  What sets the BOV800XL apart from their other smart ovens is it has convection functionality.  This basically means that a fan inside of the oven circulates the air so everything is cooked evenly.  This feature also helps speed up cook times and it works great.

Breville calls their ovens “smart” because the heating elements inside will automatically adjust the temperature while it is operating based on the setting that is chosen.  This helps take out a lot of the guess work.  You can also customize the temperature and the oven will remember what you choose for later use.

Another thing we love is the blue LCD screen.  The digital display gives it a real futuristic look that really stands out.  It also works rather well with the control knobs.  The screen changes color to orange while it is in use.

Just a note, Breville does make 2 other models that are supposedly above the BOV800XL, but they are basically the same except for an added cooking setting.  The Smart Oven Pro also comes with a light.  If you can do without these two things then you can probably save some money sticking with this model as it is a great toaster oven for those who actually like to cook things.

BOV650XL Compact Smart Oven

This is their mid-range smart oven.  It is a little bit smaller, weighs less, and it only handle 4 pieces of toast at once.  This oven also does not have the convection cooking feature of the BOV800XL.  This perfect for folks that want to do occasional cooking of meals and do not have a lot of mouths to feed.  Even though it is compact it is still big enough to feed one or two people with great results.

BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven

This is their smallest model but it is also quite popular.  It is a perfect choice for anyone with small kitchens and limited counter space.  This is a huge hit in dorm rooms I am sure.  This has a little less room than the BOV650XL but it can also handle 4 pieces of bread and a 11 inch pizza.  This oven also does not come with convection capability but it does come with the same modern styling and performance.

Pricey But Worth It

Breville has set itself apart with its appliances in its high tech approach to the kitchen.  However, this does come at a higher price.  Their machines are usually not going to be the least expensive options so budgetary concerns may keep some people from enjoying these wonderful ovens.  Even though they can be pricey, most owners agree that they are usually worth every penny.  If you are looking for something that is easy to use, convenient, and extremely versatile to prepare quick and tasty meals, then we highly recommend one of these Breville toaster ovens for your home.



The Top Brand Name Juicers Worth Buying In 2016


For most folks, health related resolutions are a popular topic. Lose weight, quit smoking, and exercising more are often the most common. Unfortunately, before the end of January a lot of these seem to have failed. One way to improve your overall health in the new year is to juice. We love it and swear by it, but getting started was a little daunting. Having a quality juicer can be a key factor in your success in sticking with it long term, it was for us. So as we roll into the new year we thought it would be a good idea to see which models are contending for the best juicer of 2016. The following juicing machines are some of the top rated options for those looking to trying juicing for the first time.

Masticating Juicer Brands

This method of juicing is slower and more deliberate.  The juice is pressed and squeezed out of fruits and vegetables at a more methodical pace so this type of juicer will require slightly more patience.  The payoff is a higher quality juice with less exposure to oxygen or heat build up.  The best masticating juicers will give you a juice that you can store for a few days so you can make a lot of it at one time.  They will also have a higher juice yield with not a lot going to waste.  These types of juicing machines are perfect for those that can sacrifice a little more time for better quality.   For juicing leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, lettuce, cabbage, or wheatgrass, a masticating juicer is going to be your best choice.

Omega Juicers

Omega is another top juicer maker that gets very high ratings for their line of masticating juicers. They are not fast like the Breville models, but they do make a better quality juice. The other great thing about Omega models is that they are really quiet when juicing. If you live in a small place or you just do not like noise, then this is a better choice. Omega juicers are also great for getting a lot of juice out of leafy foods like kale. They may be a little more expensive, but if you can afford it, these can provide some extra advantages. They also come with long and extensive warranties.

Kuvings Juicers

Not as well known as Breville and Omega, Kuvings is a great alternative. They introduced a new upright masticating model that now has a wide feed chute, the only vertical masticator to currently have one. What does this mean? Well a large feed chute can handle larger sized foods, with less of a need to cut fruits and vegetables into sizes small enough to fit inside of the juicer. This, in turn, saves time.

Tribest Juicers

This company also has a very nice line of juicers. Their masticating juicers get very good ratings from users and their new upright, the Slowstar, is quite the eye catcher. Sharp red and black that really stands out in any kitchen.

Centrifugal Juicing Brands

A centrifugal juicer is a terrific option for anyone who just does not want to spend a lot of time juicing.  These machines are exceptionally fast (and loud) and will give you a nice glass of juice with little effort.  Their main drawbacks are noise, leafy green juice yield, and oxidation.  When using a centrifugal juice extractor you should consume the juice right away as it tends to spoil quicker.  If you are constantly on the go this is the type of machine you need.  There is really only one brand you should consider as well.  Breville is by far the best maker of centrifugal juicers and they have a high end line of machines for just about every budget.

Breville Juicers

Having a fast and convenient juicing machine can be a key component for sticking with it for a lot of people. Breville makes some of the easiest machines to use. Their centrifugal juicers are extremely fast and powerful, are simple to use and easy to clean. They are also some of the best customer rated fast juicers on the market. Typically their one major downside is how loud they can be. But being so fast, they are only loud for a few minutes, and then you are done. They have a wide range of juicers that vary in price and features, but they are all excellent juice extractors that are well built and dependable. Great choice for beginner juicers.

What Type of Juicer Should I Choose?

Fortunately, the juicer market has a variety of high quality models to choose from. For more in depth juicer reviews we recommend  Any juicer is better than no juicer, so you really can’t go wrong with any of the makers listed above. These are generally the most popular juicers out their that get high praise from owners. Make 2015 your best year yet and take control of your health and well being with a new juicing machine. The benefits of juicing can be dramatic and your body will thank you, you just have take the leap and try it out.